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Have you viewed any of the movies listed below? If not, you can view those we have on file through our tape tree. The tape tree works in the following way. A fee of $5.00 is charged for each request.(Per movie) This fee is to cover for tapes, mailing costs etc. and is directly going to Barcole Foundation, an organization that helps homeless women and children. This is tax deductible and is a non/profit organization. You must fill out this form and mail the check to the address listed below, and once we receive your request and your check, the tape will be sent out to you along with the name of the next person on the list who requested the same tape. You then forward it to that person or back to us if there is no other person. List members are not obligated to participate in this tree. If you want to participate in this tree but do not want your address to be circulated, please notify us when you submit your address by typing (Keep Address Private) right on this form after your address. All addresses received will be kept confidential in our files. We do ask for all participants of this tree to act responsibly and to not hold on to tapes past 5 days and to please forward within the 5 days or return to us. You should fill out this form and when we get the electronic mail will hold unto it until your check/money order is received. You could also just send us a letter as opposed to filling this form out with your request with the attached check. If anyone would like to just donate to Barcole, they can or if they want to add an additional donation to the $5.00, feel free to do so. Your cancelled check will be your receipt for tax purposes.

*It is recommended that copies of the originals be used for the tree whenever possible!!*

For information on Barcole Foundation call 954-796-0136 or e-mail


The Barcole Foundation           11486 NW 44th St.         Coral Springs, FL 33065

           Proceeds from this benefits The BarcoleFoundation, a non-profit organization for homeless women with children.

We will be accepting checks/money orders payable to Barcole Foundation (in the amount of $5.00 per movie to be mailed to:

ES Mailing List-Tape Tree

PO Box 457 Mexia,

Alabama 36458

Thank you!!

Joni's ES Movie's Available: For Love and Glory, Follow The River, Tom and Huck, LOTM ( with trailer), Shaman's Source,Pontiac Moon, Broken Chain, Squanto, BWOTS, War of the Worlds Episode,Hawkeye Episode-Dead Man'S Walk, Red River( ENGLISH VERSION ),plus Lakota Woman

Joni's Native Movies: Lost In The Barrens ( Adam Beach, Evan Adams) Thunder Heart, White FangTwo, Streets of Laredo,KABLOONAK- Strangers in the Arctic

Brenda's ES Movie's Available: LOTM, Squanto, By Way of the Stars, Pontiac Moon, Scarlet Letter,Tom and Huck, FOLLOW THE RIVER, MUSIC VIDEO

Chris Movies: Trial at Frobisher Bay, Fishhawk, and Raven Hawk. The Millenium Episode Blades of Grass, The Magnificent Seven Pilot, and the Walker EpisodesTeam Cherokee,Due South Episode Masks with RodneyGrant, If you like Larry Sellers, I have several videos of him.Children of the Dust with Billy Wirth.

Any members who may have any additions and are willing to loan their tapes, contact us at or or

For addtional movies such as Rodney Grant movies, visit the Tape Tree on Rose's Site

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Note: If a tape is not returned an additional fee of $5.00 will be charged!!

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