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Often on-location romances between co-stars wreak havoc with marriages.Cases point to Liz Taylor and Richard Burton in Cleopatra.Steve McQueen and Ali MacGraw in THE GETAWAY.For a nice twist, there was a wedding June 21 on the set of Louisbourg, Nova Scotia set of the adventure film Indian Warrior( later on released SQUANTO).Female lead, New York actress Irene Bedard, had originally planned to go home to Manhattan to elope with her man, musician Denny Wilson, but a scheduling change kept her in Louisbourg, so Wilson flew north to elope instead. The bride rode up to the ship on an Appaloosa horse led by Montreal actor/stuntman Flint Eagle.The Rev. VLR Kelley of Louisbourg presided over the I do's.

Co-stars Eric Schweig ( LOTM and one of People mag's most beautiful in the world) and Katherine Sorbey acted as best man and matron of honour..Ironically, in the movie, Bedard's character marries Sqaunto, the lead character played by Adam Beach ( NORTH OF 60) but just as they embark on their wedding journey, Squanto is kidnapped by British traders and spirited away on the HALF MOON.It was smooth sailing for Bedard and Wilson, who made it through the ceremony without incident.....

EXCERPT FROM SATURDAY NIGHT "Northern Lights" (Susan Aglukark): We fly out early Sunday morning. Susan Aglukark is ready to be home, but it's not that simple. Smaller communities have infrequent flights;the return trip requires an overnight stay in Igualuit. She's agreed to a get-together in the high-school residence. She sits in the common room that evening, yawning and rubbing her eyes. Students amble in, throwing themselves onto chairs and tabletops around the room. It's a tough audience; her poster may be omnipresent in the town's schools, but teens are hormonally programmed not to show they're impressed by anyone.Aglukark works the room, her vivacity rising with her adrenaline. Soon she's talking about her golfing stint in Inuvik. "Guess who I met!You 've seen THE LAST OF THE MOHICANS ? Well, get it out of the videostore. The younger son is played by a hunk named Eric Schweig. Well, Eric was there!!" Despite themselves, they're getting into it." And! He is Half-Inuk, did you know?" Now she has them." He had a tough upbringing- his mum drank and he was adopted and exploited, beaten and everything, but he's making it..."


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