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Traditions: Portugal

About Christmas in Portugal, since the majority of the population is
Catholic we celebrated of course!
Instead of Turkey with eat Codfish with potatoes and vegetables, it's the
TRADITION. Most people, as for instance my family, goes up to their roots
(countryside) to be with the whole family from aunts and grandparents
to second degree cousins! At the stroke of midnight we open our gifts,
but before that we chat all night long! I reckon not all portuguese families are like that, but mine I love Christmas.Since I'm also a scout there is also the tradition to give clothes,shoes or books that you no longer need to the needed (clothes must be in a
good state), food recollection is also very common!


Feliz Natal !!



1 quart each of apricot juice,cranberry juice,
grapefruit juice,pineapple juice

fresh mint anf orange peel for garnish

Mix juices together and chill. In punch bowl, pour mixture over ice and add garnish.
Yield: 20 servings


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